Mega Projects in Balochistan

It is only by the grace of Allah, the Almighty, who bestowed upon me the energy and time to write another book on the economy of Balochistan after ‘ Economic Development of Balochistan’.

Mega Projects in Balochistan’ is not only the latest account of the ongoing Mega Projects- Gwadar deep-sea Port, Mirani Dam, Mekran Coastal Highway, Saindak Copper & Gold Project, Reko Diq Copper Project, Kachhi Canal and Quetta water supply project, in Balochistan but it also thoroughly reviews the potential, scope, political economy and future prospects of these projects in separate parts.

The book has been divided into four parts containing 13 chapters. A separate part on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the Mega projects is also included in the book with a view to provoke thoughts about the impacts of the ongoing projects on environment and making the mitigation strategies to avoid the environmental disaster.

Beyond all shadows of doubt, Mega projects have put Balochistan on the road to fast track development. The projects are bound to play a vital role in socio-economic uplift of the people of the least developed province. Each and every sector of provincial economy will receive a boost from the tremendous economic activity; the Mega projects will generate. This will create enormous jobs for the people alleviating poverty in the country as a whole.

Balochistan has been in underdevelopment trap. Its human and material resources remained untapped, as it had never been on priority in the development agenda of the Federal government. It was General Pervez Musharraf, who laid the economic foundation of the most backward and ever neglected province by launching Mega Development projects during three years of his military government. Reactivation of Saindak copper project became possible due to special interest of President Musharraf to develop the province. Today a process of tapping the colossal development potential of Balochistan has started and it will go a long way bringing it at par with other provinces and ensuring economic progress of the whole country.

It was under military administration of General Musharraf that Balochistan got priority in the national development agenda in Islamabad. The province has so far remained in solitude, which aroused and intensified the feelings of deprivation, discrimination and alienation in Balochistan by the passage of time. President launched Mega projects in Balochistan as a part of his policy of appeasement toward the least developed and neglected regions of Pakistan.

The Mega projects are going to make Balochistan a modern centre of investment. The province has attracted the attention of investors not only in Pakistan but also from all over the world. The province is getting importance due to its geophysical importance and there is no doubt that the future of Pakistan lies in Balochistan. I deemed it the right time and the need of the hour to write a book providing thorough knowledge about the Mega projects in execution in Balochistan.

Syed Fazl-e-Haider

The Development Analyst